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Medvode also GREEN&SAFE!

18. Jun 2021

It is a label of responsible travel standards.

Among the important consequences of the global coronavirus pandemic are the changed criteria of tourists in choosing destinations, accommodation, experiences, programs, packages. In these circumstances, Slovenia, 
as one of the safest countries in the world according to the criteria of the Global Peace Index and as a destination for sustainable tourism, which even before the pandemic focused the development of its tourism
on boutique experiences, has an advantage. Now is the time to emphasize this advantage!
Together, we maintain and increase the trust in the I feel Slovenia brand with responsible travel standards of Slovenian tourism, which we have combined into a content communication platform and the
GREEN & SAFE sign, with which we encourage tourism companies and destinations to introduce safety standards, sustainable management and communication. safe destinations. It serves to help tourists
ensure their safety and understand the advantages offered by Slovenia as a tourist destination. Based on the established standards, Slovenia, as one of the first countries in the world, in June 2020,
acquired the possibility of using the global safety label Safe Travels (safe travel) WTTC. With the sign and contents of the communication platform GREEN & SAFE, we inform guests that Slovenia is
a green and safe country. Add this emphasis to existing ways of communicating, which the new sign does not abolish or replace.

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