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PIRNIČE tourism society

The Pirniče Tourism Society connects the inhabitants and the local traditions of villages on the Sava terrace under the Šmarna gora Hill: Verje, Zgornje Pirniče, Spodnje Pirniče, Vikrče and Zavrh pod Šmarno Goro. It regularly organises events that help preserve the natural and cultural heritage of the area, its traditions and old folk customs. The Pirniče Educational Trail that leads to many local attractions in our villages also attracts many visitors.

PIRNIČE tourism society
Zgornje Pirniče 6, 1215 Medvode
T: +386 41 775 795
E: td.pirnice@gmail.com
W: www.pirnice.si

SMLEDNIK tourism society

The Smlednik Tourism Society was established on 13 September 1960. From the very beginning, it had a clear vision, mostly focused on the Old Castle complex (improvement of the road to the top of the hill, construction of a restaurant and tourist facility, protection and renovation). Its members have always been taking care of the castle complex and over the last decade, they renovated a refreshment bar and converted an abandoned shed into a common space for the society members. The Way of the Cross was also renovated, primarily by society members, who now take care of its regular maintenance. In 2007, Smlednik achieved an enviable result at the Entente Florale Europe competition on beautification and florification of towns, winning the silver award.

In addition, the activities of the Smlednik Tourism Society include organisation of traditional events that combine relaxed gatherings with sports or cultural activities. Every year, on 27 April, the society organises a traditional memorial hike along the “Trail of remembrance and friendship”. In May, it helps organise the already traditional Village Seedlings Fair at the Sveti Urh square in Smlednik. The society also organises other events at the Old Castle (the “Castle pot” on the second Saturday in September has already become a tradition) for its members or the wider public, often in collaboration with the Smlednik Cultural and Artistic Society.

SMLEDNIK tourism society
Smlednik 4 B, 1216 Smlednik
T: +386 41 426 146
E: turisticno.drustvo@smlednik.si
W: www.smlednik.si

HRAŠE tourism society

The Hraše Tourism Society (TD Hraše) was established in 1989 in order to bring villagers together, to preserve the cultural and natural heritage and to strengthen the development of tourism in the village. The main objectives of the TD Hraše are to preserve old folk customs and the cultural heritage of the village, maintain the neatness of the public village spaces, mark important tourist locations and publish tourist publications – postcards, catalogues. The Society is always glad to participate in various events with other societies and individuals in the local community, the municipality and the wider area.

Every year at the end of the winter, they merrily burn the shrove to chase away the cold. For a couple of years, the Society has organised a spring clean-up event and has participated in the nation-wide event Očistimo Slovenijo (Let’s Clean-Up Slovenia). One of the characteristic features of the Hraše village is frogs, who leave their winter habitat on the hill in the southern part of the village and move to the Hraše pond in the first warm, rainy spring days. The Society helps the frogs safely cross the road Kamnik – Škofja Loka.

In spring (at the beginning of April), the Society organises the traditional Henrik Sečnik Memorial, where the main focus is on the international sled dog racing competition accompanied by the amateur category Run with puppies, which welcomes participants of all ages, from the youngest to the not so young. Local providers supply food, drinks and local products, making sure there is something for everyone. Every year, the event is enriched by the riders from the Janhar Farm Riding Centre, who prepare a dressing performance of quadrilles, where the Lipizzaner horses shine in all their beauty and the audience can enjoy the harmonised movements of the riders and the horses – the peak of artistry, which can only happen when a rider earns the trust and submission of the horse.

Just a couple of days after the summer solstice, on the midsummer night of 23 June, the bonfire light in the wonderful environment by the Hraše pond brings out the first joys of warm summer nights.
The short cultural programme that revives some of the midsummer night customs is followed by a relaxed gathering with good music, food and drinks.

The year traditionally ends with St. Stephen’s Day (26 December), with the blessing of salt and horses in the Church of St. Jacob in Hraše. On this day, the nearby horse owners ride to the church, drive a horse-drawn cart or walk their nicely groomed horses in a parade for the traditional blessing. The morning goes by far too quickly, in good company and with good food and warm drinks. All visitors are also given pretty little sacks of salt as a souvenir.

Time flies by, the new year turns over a new leaf, bringing new wishes and new goals, and everything repeats itself ...

HRAŠE tourism society 
Hraše 36, 1216 Smlednik
T: +386 31 839 680 in  +386 41 390 366
E: td.hrase@smlednik.si

DRAGOČAJNA – MOŠE tourism society

Moše. Within the framework of the society, members can realise their individual and commons interests in the field of tourism development. Every year, the Society organises different events, which are attended both by locals and visitors from near and far away.

The most renown event is the Slovenian Day in Dragočajna. It is organised in June in the pristine environment of the Dragočajna village. The event is realised with the help of villagers from Dragočajna and Moše who want to rescue their traditional meals from falling into oblivion. Visitors can learn about and taste homemade delicacies. The event is enriched by performances of folk musicians, singers and dancers.

The Dragočajna – Moše Tourism Society also actively helps keep the natural environment and the villages clean and neat, taking care of florification and cleaning of the village and keeping the walking trails in good condition. The members also socialise at the games of boules on Easter Monday and compete in mushroom picking as part of the “Best Penny Bun Competition”. The last event of the year is organised in December, when Saint Nicholas walks around Dragočajna and Moše accompanied by Krampuses.

DRAGOČAJNA – MOŠE tourism society
Dragočajna 14 A, 1216 Smlednik
T: +386 41 271 427
E: td.dragocajna-mose@smlednik.si
W: facebook

KATARINA tourism society

East of Ljubljana spreads the heterogeneous pre-Alpine region of Polhov Gradec Dolomites, part of which includes the Topol pri Medvodah village, also known as Katarina. You may be asking yourself which is more correct: Topol pri Medvodah or Katarina. The explanation is that Katarina is the local name for the village and its surroundings. If you read or hear that somebody or something is “on Katarina”, you should understand it in relation to the name of the parish church built on an elevation whose patron is St. Catherine of Alexandria. You can reach us from Medvode, from the direction of Dobrova – Polhov gradec and from Ljubljana – Podutik via Toško čelo.
The parking area in front of the Topol elementary school is a great starting point for many hikes (to the tops of Sv. Jakob, Jetrbenk, Rog, Bela, Govejek, Osolnik, Grmada, Tošč, ...) and for both educational trails (Pot divjega petelina (the Western capercaillie Trail) and Pot suhih hrušk (the Dried Pears Trail)). Many hiking trails lead across “Katarina”.
The picturesque steep slopes around the tops of Grmada and Tošč offer a vast habitat to the chamois goats and the mouflon sheep, and the lonely woods give shelter to the protected western capercaillie. The protected plant species also create an Alpine atmosphere: daphne blagayana and rose daphne, gentiana clusii, Carniolan lily and even edelweiss flowers in some hidden corners. The Dobnikar Restaurant satisfies your hunger and thirst every day except on Thursday. On weekends and holidays, you will also be welcomed at the Gostilna na Vihri Restaurant and Pri Jur Restaurant.

Events “on Katarina”:
  • April and September: market day under the hayrack on Vihra
  • May: May Day Carnation at the Dobnikar Restaurant
  • June: Cycling to Katarina, Run to Katarina
  • July: Hike from Jakob to Jakob, Mowing on Sv. Jakob
  • October: Chestnut Sunday

KATARINA tourism society

Topol pri Medvodah 17, 1215 Medvode
T: +386 31 365 186
E: td.katarina@gmail.com
W: facebook

GORIČANE – VAŠE tourism society

Goričane is a village located by the road that leads from Medvode through the Preska village towards the Sora village. From the road, you can also see the most famous attraction of Goričane: the Goričane Castle. The Goričane Castle was named after the old castle that once stood on the hill above the current-day Goričane mansion and is said to have been built as early as 928.

The Sora River flows through the village, with its famous dam and rapids near the Goričane Paper Factory, creating an inviting environment for fishermen and bathers. Above the dam, recreational athletes can row their canoes, while a wide meadow in the pristine environment offers almost unlimited options for walking, running and other activities.

The limestone composition of the ground in Goričane lead to formation of Karst caves. Babja luknja (Hag’s hole) is a natural Karst cave in the corner of the valley, south of the castle. It was named after a legend that says the girls and women used to hide in it from the raiders during the Ottoman incursions.

The Goričane – Vaše Tourism Society organises one of the largest events in the Municipality of Medvode, the Krampus Night in Goričane. This international event is held every November, attracting more than 500 performers from Slovenia, Austria, Italy, Croatia and Switzerland.

The Society also organises: The May Day Bonfire,  Open-air Cinema,  the ethnological event Ko vaško jedro oživi (When the village centre comes alive).

GORIČANE – VAŠE tourism society

Goričane 39, 1215 Medvode
T: +386 41 613 050
E: info.goricane@gmail.com
W: facebook

ŽLEBE-MARJETA tourism society

The Žlebe – Marjeta Tourism Society was officially established in 2004. However, a group of dreamers and idealists organised the first very successful and well-attended Hike along the Paths of Robber Knights back in 2003, more precisely on 23 June 2003, at a time when the Žlebe – Marjeta Tourism Society was in the process of being established. The first founders and signatories who stepped into the role of volunteers with determination, enthusiasm and a will to contribute their share to the mosaic of the tourist activities in the Municipality of Medvode area were: Olga and Mirko Verovšek, Vanja and Jože Ločniškar, Marko and Nena Vidmar, Lado and Marta Vidmar, Zdenka and Lojze Bergant and Majda and Ivan Erjavec. Later, they were joined by other active members and quite a number of supporters, who are very happy that several events are organised in our village every year, attracting visitors from far beyond the municipal borders, but that the village is not yet under siege by tourists, enabling villagers to still live their lives in peace. The Society has just over forty members, but this small society has been very active in the years since its establishment.

The village of Žlebe is very old. According to the data recorded by Anton Koblar in 1884, the Žlebe village had 39 houses and 224 inhabitants already in 1715. It was closely followed by the Sora village with 38 houses and 249 inhabitants. In the same year, there were only 14 houses and 82 inhabitants in Medvode. In that time, Žlebe was part of the Sora parish and one of the most beautiful churches was the Church of St. Margaret in Žlebe. It was built in 1526 from the remains of the old Jeterbenk Castle that was destroyed in a great earthquake in 1511. Today, the Church of St. Margaret is protected as a monument.

Once upon a time, the Jeterbenk Castle was home to the robber knights, who stole food and livestock from people in nearby villages. The robber knights were called the Knights of Hetenberg, and the Jeterbenk hill was named after them. Nowadays, a large cross with a mirror has replaced the watch tower on top of the Jeterbenk hill. The mirror allows villagers to predict the weather.

Today, Želbe has around 100 houses and 500 inhabitants. There are some very old farms that survived up to the present day, focusing on livestock breeding and dairy production. Other inhabitants work in Medvode or Ljubljana.

ŽLEBE-MARJETA tourism society
Žlebe 30, 1215 Medvode
T: +386 31 808 064
E: td.zlebemarjeta@gmail.com
W: facebook

ZBILJE tourism society

Zbilje is a village in the Municipality of Medvode, best known for its lake. However, few people know that the Zbilje village was first mentioned as early as 1311. The centre of the village used to be around the Church of St. John the Baptist, which was built in 1883/84, replacing an older church. Today, the centre of the village has moved towards Lake Zbilje. Lake Zbilje is an artificial lake that was created in 1953, when the first hydroelectric power plant was built in Medvode. In the same year, the people of Zbilje established the Zbilje Tourism Society, which is still active and still works on development and promotion of Zbilje. Proof of their excellent work includes the numerous awards received from the “My Country – Beautiful and Inviting” project.

ZBILJE tourism society
Zbilje 30, 1215 Medvode
T: +386 31 302 360
E: tdzbilje@gmail.com
W: www.minimum.si/tdzbilje
FB: facebook

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