Okusi Medvod

The culinary aspect has always been one of the most important segments of tourism, but in recent years, it has gained even more importance. The two have never been as closely interwoven as today. The role of food has long ceased to be simply to satisfy our hunger. Food is pleasure and food is a way to learn about a certain area or destination. It has even become the main reason to visit a destination. Many culinary experiences provided by national, regional and local cuisine are closely related to the cultural heritage of the area and so the food can serve as a means to make the destination more recognisable. This is why the Sotočje Medvode Public Institute has decided to bring the numerous culinary events in different parts of the Municipality of Medvode together under an umbrella name – Tastes of Medvode.

On one side, we have events that are strongly rooted in the cultural heritage of the wider Medvode area and put focus on the local cuisine, and on the other side of the spectrum we have events that have found their home in Medvode but showcase food from other parts of Slovenia or even some segments of international cuisine.

In addition to food, another important segment is event tourism. The attractive, well-planned food-based events have brought many visitors to Medvode in recent years. We are sure we can increase the number of visitors even further by uniting the events under a single name and take advantage of these events to present Medvode to an even greater number of people.

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Photos from events
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