Tourist guides

The activity of tourist guide is the professional guide of visitors in the tourist area of ​​the municipality when visiting the sights of this area, according to the tourist guide program. Persons performing the activity of tourist guide are tourist guides of the tourist area of ​​the municipality (hereinafter: tourist guide).

The standard tourist guide program contains a description of the cultural, historical, natural and other sights of the municipality, a description of the route and the organizational and technical content required to see the sights.

The program proposal is prepared by the Public Institution Sotočje Medvode. The institute must prepare the program in cooperation with the relevant services for the protection of natural and cultural heritage, mountaineering, historical and tourist associations and providers of tourist offer in the municipality. Special tourist guide programs include, in accordance with the interests of clients, guiding visitors to see certain sights in the municipality, such as. architectural and artistic works, natural beauties, ethnographic and other sights, as well as ways of life and creation of important personalities.

For information on tourist guidance in the municipality of Medvode, please contact Public institution Sotočje Medvode:, 041 298 485 


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