Bike rental

Our services also include bike rental, offering visitors a way to enhance their visit to Medvode or facilitate travel from one end of town to another. There are six men’s and women’s classic trekking bikes of different sizes available, suitable for riding on gravel roads as well (available at Tourist Information Center at Cesta Komandanta Staneta 2). Additionally, seven electric bikes of different sizes can be rented at the Medvode Sports Hall (at Ostrovrharjeva ulica 4). Bikes can be rented during office hours - every week day from 8.00 to 16.00. You need a personal ID for the loan, payment is possible with cash or bank card. An electric bicycle rental is subject to a security fee of 50 EUR. For more information and reservation, please contact us via phone 01 361 43 46 or e-mail:

Price list for electric bike rental
bike rental - one day 30 €
bike rental – weekend 60 €
bike rental – one week 100 €

Price list for classic bike rental
bike rental - up to 6 hours 5 €
bike rental – entire day 10 €
bike rental – weekend (fri - mon) 20 € 
bike rental – week 30 € 
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