From Jakob to Jakob Brand

In tourism, creation and telling of stories, or storytelling, is becoming an effective tool for development and marketing of tourist destinations, products, attractions and providers. Slovenian tourism is very rich in stories. These stories have tourism marketing potential but are often not sufficiently incorporated into the tourist products. We also all too often provide tourist products without stories.

This is the reason that at the end of 2015, the Sotočje Medvode Public Institute started creating a new story in collaboration with the Medvode Agricultural Cooperative. A key part of this story is the FROM JAKOB TO JAKOB brand. The name has been carefully chosen for its multifaceted meaning. First, it evokes one of the most famous Slovenians and the patron of the Municipality of Medvode, Jakob Aljaž. Second, it evokes the image of the two St. Jacob churches on the geographical borders of the municipality: one is built up high, in the Polhov Gradec Dolomites, the other is down in the fields, in the Hraše village.
The aim of the FROM JAKOB TO JAKOB brand is to connect high-quality local produce, products and services under one name. This name will be more recognisable and will communicate to consumers the added value of quality assurance.

We want to unite local farmers with their products and produce (milk, yogurt, cheese, meat, seasonal vegetables, etc.), local manufacturers (products from wood, metal, plastic, pieces of art, etc.) and local service providers (rooms, restaurants, etc.) under the umbrella of this brand.

Some well-known farms are already part of the brand (the farms Mis, Malenšek, Jeraj, Pr' Črnet, etc.). In future, we plan to include the best service providers (such as the three Medvode restaurants with the label Gostilna Slovenije (Slovenian Restaurant): Mihovec Restaurant, Belšak Restaurant and Dobnikar Restaurant). We will also give other providers of good local products and produce the opportunity to become part of the brand.

Blagovna znamka Od Jakoba do Jakoba, Medvode

We realise the importance of a good brand in the current market economy, as a brand encourages recognisability, overtakes competition, creates references, conscientiously keeps promises and meets the user’s expectations, maintaining an emotional connection with the consumer.

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