About Medvode

Slovenian Mesopotamia, the navel of the world, Zwischenwässern or simply Medvode ... The historical features of this area at the confluence of the rivers Sava (Tigris) and Sora (Evfrat) go back to pre-historic times, but its development started in the late 15th century, when the Emperor Frederick III allowed a bridge to be built at the confluence. Today, bridges are still of great importance for this town at the junction of two rivers.

Medvode is an attractive small town with an interesting history and a rich cultural heritage. The townspeople put a lot of value and pride into this historical legacy, as it reflects the development of the area over time. Mighty castles and numerous beautiful churches and chapels are an important part of the history of Medvode, which goes back to the 10th century, when our town was first mentioned in demarcation documents. The older townspeople like to look back to the past as an inspiration to continue old customs and traditions, which also attract many of the younger locals for whom their hometown is of great importance. Many associations in Medvode work hard to preserve the town’s cultural heritage, organising events for like-minded people to gather and try to preserve the past.

However, in recent years, its rich and heterogeneous natural heritage has become an important part of the town’s identity. The Sava River, with its artificial lake, and the Sora River, rushing towards the confluence from the Dolomites, flow across a plain surrounded by hills, creating a heterogeneous ecosystem for many plants and animals. This diverse landscape offers locals and visitors many options to actively spend their leisure time all year round: cross-country skiing and sledding in the winter, bathing in the rivers and the lake, rafting and fishing in the summer and, in every season, adventurers are attracted to hike, walk or simply relax in the hills of Polhov Gradec Dolomites, on Šmarna gora Hill, by Lake Zbilje and among the remains of the Smlednik Castle. When the weather is nice, Medvode charms even the most demanding travellers and cyclists. The green environment offers the locals a shelter from the fast-paced world we live in, students use it as a natural schoolroom and visitors can enjoy relaxing or recreational activities.
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